Who we are


Since when do I work in the real estate business

Almost 20 years ago, I came into contact with the business. At that time, I worked in the city of Salzburg at an architect and property developer. Through my boss, I got the opportunity to learn a lot and also to do many training courses as well as the state certifications to real estate brokers and property developers. After about 7 years of city life, I then moved back to the countryside and since then I am mainly in the area ‘Innergebirg’, but also still active in the city of Salzburg and Tyrol as a real estate agent.


What do I appreciate about this profession?

That is the fact that no property is the same as another, and not a customer like the other. It is a very welcome challenge for me to individually consider and present each object. My personal ambition drives me to want to find the right buyer or tenant for each property.


What are the best moments in my job?

When I receive feedback from clients that they have found their dream home through my work and the feedback that they feel comfortable with me and trust me.


My intent is

……to give my best!



What I like about my job?

What I like most is that there are new and exciting challenges every day. New tasks give me the opportunity to continue my education and develop my skills. I take care of the back office, but contact with our customers is also very important to me.


What am I proud of?

Before I started to work at Radacher Immobilien, I worked as a hairdresser for 20 years. I worked on cruise ships aswell. I worked as a freelance mobile hairdresser for six years. That is why it makes me particularly  proud that I have had the chance to get to know a completely new professional world for me.


My boss …

.. I got to know when I was looking for a property myself with my family. Thanks to her, we found our home 😊

What I particularly appreciate about Margot is her open, correct and funny character.



What I like about my job?

I especially like my various tasks. With a lot of passion and great joy I take care of the marketing, the presentation of our objects and the back office.

The contact with our customers is very important to me. With every customer, every business I learn and that inspires me day by day.

I am looking forward to many more challenges that enrich my work.


What am I proud of?

Through diligence and dedication as well as the technical support of my boss and trainer, I completed my apprenticeship exam in the summer of 2016 with great success.

It makes me proud to implement my versatility in my job.


My boss …

.. I do not only see her as a supervisor, she is also a colleague and friend for me.

I appreciate that I can rely 100% on her and trust her.

I am pleased to continue to benefit from her expertise.